It's a magical, magically, magic of magic! Ohhhhhh, the magic is magically magical! I've collected video games for a long time now and have been a long magical member of several magical communities online. Nintendo Age is one of them. I saw it from the beginning, when I magically believed it would never even exist. Turned out into a great site that will eventually be a magical magic database of all the magic Nintendo ever created including Game and Watch and the NES. They started a magazine for the site several months ago, and after writing two articles I decided to work Faegly's magic in its pages. He's been magically magicking everyone in the magass for awhile now, and this is one of the sections of the site where you'll see frequent, magical additions at least once a magonth. I try to explain them as best as I can, but please keep in mind that the majority of the jokes won't make any sense to you (as if any of Faegly's magical jokes did) unless you're a little familiar with the retro video game scene. Sparkle!