Dunni dun dunni dunnnn. Dunni doo dunnnnn. After various stupidities, the comic staff was short creativity, artistry and attitude. I decided to give the latter three. They were real lax about getting back to me, and considering the terrible comics they were running I figured they would have jumped on whoever came forward. They did and Faegly got his space and it lasted a short week and a half or so because I was called a poor artist and totally lacking cohesion. First off, my art is totally, like totally totally tollayness awesomeness if you haven't noticed it totally. But, furthermore, I suppose they didn't get it. The COMIC and the fact that they let me keep printing it was the joke. I took advantage of the fact that they had nothing else and rode with it as long as I could. I was first booted after two comics for ticking everyone off (the third was unpublished but you'll find it below), and then reinstated for a short while when all faeghell broke loose. Surprisingly, I actually had a few fans that emailed me about it and I believe there's a hate group somewhere on the internet, but I can't find it anymore. They must have gotten the joke. Click on the links below to see what happened at the Csuck and learn how to get fired from a volunteer position! By the way, that's a genuine representation of the staff head's shoe. I only depict reality.